I have been acquainted with Brent Clark for the last six years, as Pastor of the Bridger Valley Assembly of God Church in Mountain View, Wyoming.
     It is a rare occasion that I see and individual overcome and continue to do so with such passion. I have personally done drug and alcohol abuse for over 15 years. Unfortunately, few people survive the rehabilitation process and are unwilling to do the work it takes to continue the process day by day. Brent has shown himself to have an extraordinary inner strength to continue his sobriety which is a testimony to all those in our community on both sides of the problem. He is an example that you can overcome with dignity and honor.
     I believe Brent to be a remarkable young man, who had made some very poor decisions in his youth; he faced losing everything, his job, his position in the community, family, and even his freedom. Instead of letting those mistakes define him, he chose to fight back against his past and come out on top. He now has the American dream, a wonderful wife and daughter, a job, a home and is a respected and committed member of our church and community. He demonstrates each day how one can overcome their past and achieve their dreams.

Memories of Alcohol

There are so many times when I have been in this very moment. These times can lead to depression and a further falling to the addiction we're facing. It is in these moments that it is important, even vital that we take control and start moving forward. Don't sit idle and let the moment take over, but choose at that moment to start making the necessary changes to begin a new and better life.

It is foolishness to believe that you are "cured" of your addiction. Addiction is an incurable disease, however, it is a manageable one. I am an addict. I know that I am an addict and that I will always be one. I may be strong today. I may know with 100% certainty that I will not drink or use before tomorrow, but tomorrow is another day, full of uncertainties and new obstacles to overcome. If I let my guard down, even for a moment, I will most assuredly fail. I have to keep fighting to the end, never giving up, and never letting myself be blinded by the idea that I am no longer an addict!

                Brent Clark is a 33-year-old recovering alcoholic and drug                         addict. As a young adult, he had the world going for him;                           but with a few poor life choices, he began a downward spiral                       which would take 7 years to recover from. He went from being                a   member of the U.S. Military, to a proud police officer, to a convicted felon sitting behind bars. In Sober for Life, a Christian Addiction Recovery Podcast, Brent speaks on how even the smallest choices can lead to the biggest of outcomes; taking him from the man he was, to discovering the man he wanted to be, and creating the man that he is. Only after hitting a new rock bottom and giving his struggles over to God, was he able to start climbing back up, one step and one prayer at a time.

"I drank for happiness and became unhappy. I drank for joy and became miserable. I drank for sociability and became argumentative. I drank for sophistication and became obnoxious. I drank for friendship and made enemies. I drank for sleep and woke up tired. I drank for strength and felt weak. I drank for relaxation and got the shakes. I drank for courage and became afraid. I drank for confidence and became doubtful. I drank to make conversation easier and slurred my speech. I drank to feel heavenly and ended up feeling like hell." - Author Unknown